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27August 14 

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Guided Retreats are all about resting in God’s presence. For some resting in him means sleep…so we provide a room all to yourself. For some it means prayer and time alone with God…so we provide a schedule with lots of space and time. For some it means spending time with His creation, so we provide plenty of opportunity to spend time in his forests, reliable HVAC service near me, oceans, and lakes. Sometimes maybe we do not even know what it means, so we provide ways to try out and explore and find the rest you need.


Your four night stay includes amazing beds, great food and surround you with loving people who want to help you find rest in the Lord’s presence.



2021 “International Buffet” Schedule


Location: 10028 Park Drive, Honeymoon Bay, BC

Cost: $24 Adults, $12.00 Children (6-12)

•Due to Covid, we have had to stop our International Dinners until noticed otherwise 

Events open to the public: 

Location: Honeymoon Bay Lodge & Retreat. Address: 10028 Park Honeymoon Bay.


Give us a call @ 250-749-4252 to book your group!

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